”The future cannot be foreseen, it is being prepared”

We are the first platform which offers architects, from all over the world, the possibility of adding quality plans. Our goal is to give the opportunity to whoever wants to acquire atypical plan a reality.

What buyers should check?

 The buyer buys the original idea of ​​your plan, he expects the technical plan to be as explicit as possible with the more technical details and dimensions like height, width, depth, from the foundation to the roof which will allow him to build his future house. The buyer buys a plan that does not have an official seal. You have to pay additional sums of money to bring the plan into conformity with the standard and the requirements of his municipality where he will have the building constructed. And therefore must have the technical plan checked by an architect approved in his province. In some countries, there are architectural technicians who can approve the plan and modify it without going directly through an architect at often a lower price.

How to choose your plan?

Way of life

It is crucial that your home reflects your way of life. To make sur, just imagine yourself living in this house. Is it suitable for your daily activities?

Your privacy

Self-isolation is necessary if you work at home, like to work out, or if you are a movie buff or aspiring cabinetmaker. Pay special attention to these pieces to ensure peace of mind, and that of the whole family, when you indulge in your favorite activities.


Safety is central to the design of any new home, especially if you have children. Are accessible places safe? Are balconies and stairs well protected? Your family home is sure to be a great playground, but still make sure your baby does not end up in your workshop.

Your budget

Don't overspend for the future, although it might seem tempting when buying a modern house plan. Instead, focus on your short-term needs and your current budget to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the weight of high monthly payments.

Future costs

Take into consideration the possible consequences of certain architectural elements. Plan for the maintenance costs of your future home. You need to establish your priorities and the limits of your budget.

Your property

Your capital as well as the shape and size of your land can have a major impact on your house plan. Take into consideration the position of the sun, the direction of the wind and the proximity to your neighbors. A bay window facing the sunset is fine, but if your neighbors are a few feet away from it, the idea is less appealing.

How to buy a plan?

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  4. Follow the instructions.