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"The best way to create the future is to create it"

Whether you are an architect, technologist or avid home hobbyist and own one or more plan, we can help you sell your plan that you have imagined and created. You have the opportunity to share your plans with the general public and at the same time increase your income!

how to sell your own plans?

The plans downloaded must contain all the information necessary for the constuction of the building.

what the plan must have?

The plan sold must include the technical plan, all 2D drawing, dimensions and details  important to the construction of the plan. In digital PDF format only.

how the prices work?

Rates are based on the size of your package: they range from $ 0.50 to $ 2.00 CAD per square foot. ($ 5.40 to $ 21.50 per square meter.)

There is no membership or recurring fee. When the plan is sold, plansB takes a 10% share of the listed price. In order to recover the amount of sales, you must be registered with Paypal.

How to add a plan?

  1. Sign up on a main page. 
  2. Access the vendor dashboard tad and click on Products.
  3. Click on Add new product and complete the form.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have.

A plan sold must be the sole possession of its creator and cannot be sold by by a third party. The plan must not contain an official seal, only the name of the seller must be entered on the plan. A plan can be sold indefinitely, except in the case where the same buyer would like to have the same model built several times. For this purpose, unique identification numbers on each of the plans sold must be provided by the seller. plansB is a plans hosting platform, and cannot be held responsible for plans sold by sellers who register on the site.

In principle, your technical plan should not have an official stamp that allows you to have the plan constructed. For a stamp to be valid, it must come from the same province where you want to build the building. The plans sold on the plansb site come from all over the world which ensures that each municipality has their own regulations for the construction of a building. You can have your municipality’s town planner verify the image of the plan and style of building you wish to purchase to pre-accept before you start purchasing the desired plan.

PLANS B decided to stay within a fly of prices that suit the buyer and the seller. The price justifies the work done by the designer, it is for this reason that there is a minimum price per square foot or per square meter and a maximum price per square foot or per square meter.

All architectural plans are accepted as long as they belong to their designer. One or more 2 d, 3 d images. Or even photos of the building, facade or other point of view will be used to demonstrate the visual of the building. To be able to sell your plan, you must include for download a detailed technical plan in PDF which will be sold and downloaded by the buyer.

The technical drawings will not be seen by the general public, only transferable to the buyer when he has made his payment.

 The buyer buys the original idea of ​​your plan, he expects the technical plan to be as explicit as possible with the more technical details and dimensions like height, width, depth, from the foundation to the roof which will allow him to build his future house. The buyer buys a plan that does not have an official seal. You have to pay additional sums of money to bring the plan into conformity with the standard and the requirements of his municipality where he will have the building constructed. And therefore must have the technical plan checked by an architect approved in his province. In some countries, there are architectural technicians who can approve the plan and modify it without going directly through an architect at often a lower price.