Sell your plans

Welcome everyone,

Whether you are an architect, technologist or avid home hobbyist and own one or more plans, we can help you sell your plans that you have imagined and created through our user-friendly platform.

plansB offers you the opportunity to share your plans with the general public and at the same time increase your income !

Rates are based on the area of your plan: they range from $ 0.50 to $ 2.00 CAD per square foot. ($ 5.40 to $ 21.50 per square meter)

There are no membership or periodic fees. When the plan is sold, plansB takes a 10% share of the listed price. In order to recover the amount of sales, you must be registered with Paypal.

The plan sold must include all 2D drawings with dimensions and important details in digital PDF format only. 

Each plan will be validated by the plansb team before being published.

If you have any questions, contact us by email at ou sur LinkedIn.

It will be our pleasure to answer you as soon as possible.


The plansB team

How to add a plan

  1. Log in as a seller here.
  2. Access the Vendor dashboard tab and click on Products.
  3. Click on Add new product and complete the form.
Your form will be validated by the plansB team before being published on our platform. You will receive a confirmation email when it is approved.

Example of plan to provide to the client:

The plans that will be downloaded must contain all the information necessary for the construction of the building (quote, dimension, detail, etc.).